• We are a home-roasted coffee shop where you can contribute to global environmental improvements while enjoying your coffee.

    At Swell Coffee Roasters, we are fully committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). While some people may only have a vague idea of sustainability in terms of reducing plastic waste, we take concrete actions.

    We offer foldable, portable cups that can be used multiple times for brewing coffee and making drinks. For every drink purchased using our reusable cups, we donate 50 yen towards sustainable initiatives.

  • Indulge in our home-roasted coffee and savor the captivating latte art, a visual treat for your enjoyment.

    The director of Swell Coffee Roasters is Kazuma Ozaki, who achieved the runner-up position in the Latte Art World Championship. We offer a coffee experience that tantalizes not only your taste buds but also your visual senses, thanks to our diverse range of latte art creations. In addition to our coffee offerings, we proudly serve Japanese tea, prepared using HARIO’s extraction tools. You have the option to select your preferred type of tea leaves. Furthermore, we offer home-roasted coffee beans for purchase at our store.


  • Kazuma Ozak

    He transitioned from a restaurant garçon to a barista and discovered his passion for latte art. In 2014, he achieved 3rd place in the Latte Art Competition, and in 2016, he secured 2nd place in the same competition. He has successfully launched several establishments, including THE CUPS in Nagoya, and has directed numerous cafes. Additionally, he holds the role of Technical Director at COFFEE BASE in Kyoto.


    2014 St. Louis – 3rd place / 2015 Osaka – 3rd place / 2016 Osaka – 2nd place / 2017 Osaka – 4th place
    Zumaccino Cup 2015 – 1st place
    SPORTY CUP 2016 – 2nd place
    TNT LATTE ART CHAMPIONSHIP 2014 – 2nd place